10 Minute Fat Burning Bodyweight Workout — Get Your Sweat On, Even When You’re Running Short on Time..

“If you’re travelling or don’t have time for the gym. You can still get in a killer strength workout with no equipment at all. Here’s a 10 minute bodyweight workout.”Lauren Williams Fitness Expert

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Burn Fat Around the Clock Bodyweight Workout..


Today’s post is a killer 10 minute bodyweight workout by Lauren Williams.

On her website “about” page, Lauren via: Chisel Club.. discribes herself as:

a fitness model, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, motivator, mover, thinker, and a huge proponent of mental health. She truly believes that fitness is the gateway to achieving an amazing life.

The video of her Awesome 10 minute bodyweight workout can be found on — “Health.com”

Lauren’s video via Health.com

Each excercise in the 10 minute bodyweight workout is done 45 seconds. And you get a 15 second rest before moving on to the next exercise.

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10 minute Bodyweight workout

If you don’t have 10 mins to watch the video a transcript is provided below — Via health.com

Ab walkouts:

Start in a plank. Your hands are underneath your shoulders. Your feet can be a little bit wide for this because I want you to keep your core tight. You’re going to walk your hands forward. If you have a mat, it’s a great gauge. You can walk to the edge of the mat and then walk them back in. You will notice as you walk out that your core is going to turn on and you’re going to have to get really tight in order to keep those hips down. If this is too much, drop the knees you can do the same thing, you’re still going to feel that core as you come in and out. But for more advanced folks, come on up into that plank, walk it out. And then bring it back in.

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Round-the-clock single-leg squats:

Start on your left leg. You’re going to reach forward as you squat to 12 o’clock. Then you’re going to go out to the side, out to a diagonal, behind you, and then really far behind you, like a curtsy, squatting for each. Then go back around. Now do your other side, standing on your right leg.

Single leg dead lift with the side kick:

Reach back and then from here I want you to kick out to the side, to the back, and then come up. Now switch sides—right side, single leg dead lift, kick out to the side, kick back, and then come up. You’re going to feel this back of the leg and the booty. To take out the wobbles, you can make sure you’re looking at a point directly in front of you and also keep your core tight.

Crab reach:

Come down to the ground. You’re going to point your hands away from you. Your feet are parallel, just underneath your hips. You’re going to press your hips to the ceiling and then reach your left arm back and behind you. Come down, and switch sides. So, reach back with your right arm now. Really press the hips up so you’re getting the glutes and you’re also working that shoulder. Really press, you feel your total body working here.

Sumo squats:

We are going to come back to standing. So you’re going to stand nice and wide here. Wider than a standing squat. And then you’re going to come nice and low. It’s almost like a ballerina squat in second position. So squat as deep as you can. Really push those knees away from each other, and then come up and squeeze at the top. You’re going to feel those thighs burning. Remember all that plank work we did at the beginning? You can incorporate that right here as you come up get really tight into the core.

There you have it, Lauren’s simple and highly effective 10 minute bodyweight workout. No equipment needed and can done in the “nick of time” so you don’t have to miss a workout and can keeping your metabolism burning.

To get your 10 minute workout repeat the 5 exercises again.

If you want to you can do more, or try them as a “warm up” for another workout that you might be already doing.

Remember start slow in the begining, focus on your form and get that right. Pretty soon you will “own” this little 10 minute bodyweight workout. And perhaps the best part about it all is ,you can take them with you everywhere you go.

Before starting the 10 minute Bodyweight Workout..

If you have been sitting for a while. Before jumping up and “knocking out” a round or two of Lauren’s 10 minute bodyweight workout, you might want to try these 3 super-quick stretches from MelisFit over on our “Why sitting Can Be Dangerous To Your Health” page. Just to make sure you get “things” loosened up to avoid any injuries.


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