5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Been Successful With Losing Weight And How You Can Change That Starting Today!

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“Numerous studies and my personal years of experience tell me that successful, long-term weight loss MUST be handled from many angles… some of them, not even food-related. This is especially true for women.” — Hilde van den Berg

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Today’s article will shed light on why you may be struggling to lose the weight you want. Or why you might not be able to keep it off once you finally do loose it.

According to fitness instructor Hilde van den Berg from BeFinallyFit.com. Losing weight from a woman’s perspective is very different than from a man’s.

Hilde first began to notice this weight lose ‘gender bias’ in her own classes. She noticed men would loose weight faster and keep it off longer than the women would.

She also saw that the men would keep coming to class longer as a result of their success. Where as the women tended to “drop off the radar” so to speak disappointed with their lack of results. Only to come back to class and repeat the whole cycle again a few months later.

Unknowingly at the time, this set Hilde down a path that would span over three years of reseaching and testing.

And the outcome her journey was the creation of her BeFinallyFit (BFF) Womens Weight Loss System. Her science-backed weight loss system designed exclusively for women.

You can learn more about her BeFinallyFit System here.

When it comes to weight loss for women Hilde has this to say: Hilde Van den Berg via BeFinallyFit.com

“Weight loss is NEVER just ‘calories in, calories out’. Numerous studies and my personal years of experience tell me that successful, long-term weight loss MUST be handled from many angles… some of them, not even food-related. This is especially true for women.”

She goes on to reveal the top 5 reasons why many women are not successful when it comes to losing weight.

“More often than not, diets fail women (yes, it’s your diet failing you, not you failing a diet!) because conventional weight loss guidelines DO NOT cater to female bodies.

Want to know what you’ve been doing wrong? Read on!”

Hilde’s Reason #1. Why You Haven’t Been Successful with Losing Weight.

“You’ve been focusing too much on ‘cutting calories..

Cutting calories. This is the first thing you think of when losing weight, right? And more often than not, cutting calories means going for ‘healthier alternatives’.

Unfortunately, here’s the thing… majority of today’s HEALTH FOODS are crap. There, I said it. I know a lot of people will be angry at me but that’s the simple truth in plain English.

When you’re at your local supermarket, what happens? You’re confronted with aisle after aisle of low-fat (or even non-fat), low-sugar, less-salt, ‘healthy foods’ such as pasta sauces, salad dressings, cookies, chips, fruit juices, and more!

Now, to lose weight, cutting out processed and sugary-laden foods is an obvious first step BUT… those ‘healthy alternatives’ staring at you at the supermarket can be just as bad too!

It’s all marketing.

Food manufacturers KNOW that cutting out fat and sugar will make their foods taste ‘less appealing’. So what do they do? They dump in other ingredients so that the food tastes as close as possible to the original.

Sadly, those ‘extra ingredients’ don’t put back the nutrients that have been stripped away so you end up craving more. Why? Because despite the fact that you just ate, your body is still missing the essential nutrients it needs.

The result? You end up eating MORE calories than you would have if you’d just eaten the original product. Arghhh!

And what about traditionally ‘healthy foods’ like yogurt, fruit juices, energy bars, dried fruit, etc.? They are loaded with SUGAR.

Numerous studies show that sugar is actually the leading cause of bad cravings, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, headaches, mood swings, and of course weight gain.”

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Hilde’s Reason #2. Why You Haven’t Been Successful with Losing Weight.

“You’ve been exercising too much..

Cardio. This is what most women turn to when they want to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, cardio is not bad at all… for overall fitness. But for WEIGHT LOSS, traditional cardio is NOT what you need.

In fact, it may even surprise you to know that you need to spend LESS TIME exercising to effectively lose weight.


Numerous studies have shown that high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that last for just about 20 minutes are better for fat loss.

However, there’s a very basic, very common reason why HIIT workouts in most diet programs fail you: you’re asked to do too much, too quickly.

Also, timing is everything, there’s a ‘sweet spot’ on when you should do HIIT training that makes fat burning even more efficient.”

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Hilde’s Reason #3. Why You Haven’t Been Successful with Losing Weight.

You’ve been trying a weight loss system that’s NOT focused on the female body..

Did you know that…

ONE: On average, women have 6 to 11% more body fat than men.

The female body is built for childbearing that’s why we have more fat. That’s great from an evolutionary perspective; for FAT LOSS… not so much.

And if you think that’s a bummer, scientists have discovered that the FEMALE hormone estrogen reduces our ability to burn energy after eating!

TWO: Women have LESS fat-burning tissue (muscle) than men.

Thanks to the MALE hormone testosterone, men have more muscle than women.

And since muscle burns more calories than fat, men have a faster metabolism — up to 10% faster to be exact!

THREE: And this last one is a harsh, cold, brutal fact… women are literally… genetically… more hard-wired to crave carbs than men.

The reason? It’s that time of the month.

Without getting too technical, here’s the basic reasoning behind this.

There’s a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which scientists believe is responsible for maintaining mood balance.

It’s even sometimes called the ‘happy hormone’.

Now, just before our ‘time of the month’, our serotonin levels take a nosedive.

When this happens, we crave carbs because carbs are known to increase serotonin levels.
So… just what do these differences between men and women mean when it comes to losing weight?

If you follow conventional diet techniques, you will struggle to lose weight because you’re female body structure and female hormones are FIGHTING you.

Simply put: you have a FEMALE body; so you need weight loss tactics designed specifically for it!

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Hilde’s Reason #4. Why You Haven’t Been Successful with Losing Weight.

You’re suffering from hormone imbalance.

  • Moody?
  • Easily tried?
  • Always craving something?
  • Trouble sleeping?
  • Stressed?

I know; that last one was a ludicrous question, but I had to ask because… cortisol, a.k.a. the stress hormone, can actually prevent weight loss. This ‘fight or flight’ hormone increases appetite, makes you crave carbs, and stores fat in the belly region!

On another note, studies show that hypothyroidism, which causes weight gain, affects one in five women.

And then there’s ghrelin (the hunger hormone), leptin (the ‘stop eating, I’m full’ hormone), and insulin (the blood sugar regulator and anti-fat burning hormone). Any imbalance among these hormones is sure to have a negative effect on weight loss.

Look, as a human being, your body is AMAZING. However, just like many things in life, it needs to be in balance to function efficiently.

As you probably may be thinking right now, it’s so darn easy to have hormonal imbalance. That’s true. However, it can be brought back to stable levels…

IF you know how.

Hilde’s Reason #5. Why You Haven’t Been Successful with Losing Weight.

The ‘diets’ you’ve tried to follow before are TOO COMPLICATED.

Weight loss becomes a huge obstacle when there are too many changes, too many rules, and too many restrictions to follow. It’s a struggle when a weight loss system is simply impossible to adapt into REAL LIFE.

And this is especially true for women!

Hey, we have households to run, kids to oversee, partners to take care of, friends to spend time with, events to plan and arrange, maybe even a business to run… and the list goes on!

Many ‘diets’ out there are too complicated and restrictive that you just cannot apply them into your life, or they make you too weak to do the other things you need to do.

So as a consequence, you STOP following that diet… way before you see any substantial weight loss from your efforts.

Also, here’s another thing that a lot of women tell me… MOST DIETS OUT THERE DO NOT TELL THEM EXACTLY WHAT TO DO!

You don’t have time to ‘study’ how to lose weight, you just want a step-by-step plan.

Reading Hilde’s 5 reasons I can see how having access to the lastest scienctific research into weight loss. And the ability to test and tweak her weight loss systems on her class participants. Certainly puts her in a very unique postion when it comes to help women lose weight.

You can learn more about Hilde’s BeFinallyFit System here.

As always, hope you got something out of this and thank you for stopping by today…

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