8 Natural Remedies to Crush Your Candida Yeast Infections And Get that Smile Back On Your Dial..

yeast infection remedies

“Chances are your doctor will prescribe topical ointments or ingestible tablets from your local drugstore. But in many cases these prescription drugs only aggravate your yeast infection. And sometimes can even help spread the yeast-like fungi Candida albicans.” — Slim

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Candida yeast infection


Today’s article looks at how you can prevent and treat candida yeast infections naturally from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you are suffering from yeast infection.

Chances are your doctor will prescribe topical ointments or ingestible tablets from your local drugstore. But in many cases these prescription drugs only aggravate your yeast infection. And sometimes can even help spread the yeast-like fungi Candida albicans.

There is one thing you should keep in mind about yeast infections before as you go through the 8 remedies.

Although it is caused by a fungus known as Candida.

If you are not experiencing any symptoms that are typically associated with infection such as itching, soreness or burning. Then you should talk to your doctor before treating yourself because Candida is normally present in your body.

And the problem is when it gets out of balance.

Listed below are the eight best natural remedies for yeast infection. The first three focus on things you can do to prevent a yeast infection and the final five help to get rid of it.

Candida Yeast Fungi Infection Remedy #1

Yeast Infection

Prevention via proper hygiene.

Because yeast infections can spread through being exposed to someone suffering with Candida overgrowth. Personal hygine can play a big part in preventing. Also someone who is suffering from an infection needs to stop having sex until they are clear. To prevent passing their infection on to their partner.

Candida Yeast Fungi Infection Remedy #2

Living a healthy lifestyle.

Minimize drinking alcoholic beverages, tap water and all “sugary” drinks. Stress is a trigger, for Candida infections and growth. So it is important you get a good night’s sleep.

Also you may want to try some sort of relaxation technique (like meditation) to reduce your stess levels.

Candida Yeast Fungi Infection Remedy #3

Is avoid long-term use of prescription drugs of any kind.

Antibiotics kill the bacteria in your stomach, that helps you break down the food you eat. This bacteria also monitors the growth of Candida albicans and helps keep it in balance. Other medicines to avoid include birth control medication, immuno-suppressants and steroids.

But what if you are already suffering from a yeast infection? 

Yeast Infection SPECIAL REPORT

Candida Yeast Fungi Infection Remedy #4

One effective cure is to eliminate all foods that feed Candida Yeast infections (be sure to seek medical advice before making any major changes to your diet).

One popular diet for killing off Candida Infections forbids affected individuals from eating the following:

  • Sugars, to the point that even fruit may not be allowed,
  • Food with high yeast and mold content, like cheeses, dried fruit, melons and peanuts,
  • Milk, dairy products, and food with high lactose content (this means that you cannot eat yoghurt, but you can use it to alleviate the effects of yeast infection in other ways).

This diet allows you to have the following:

  • Filtered Water,
  • Herbal teas,
  • All vegetables,
  • Sources of protein (meat is allowed, as are fish, poultry and legumes, although soy and soy products are known to have side effects),
  • Whole grains like millet, brown rice, and oatmeal without sugar,
  • Probiotic supplements,
  • If possible, apples, blueberries, cherries, other berries, and pears.

Reading food labels is an absolute must because many supermarket foods come with sugars and yeast in them.

Be sure also to stick to this diet even after the symptoms disappear. Because this not only boosts your immunity, but it also curbs the Candida albicans population boom by reintroducing friendly bacteria to your digestive system.

Candida Yeast Fungi Infection Remedy #5

One way to relieve yeast infection is to apply natural antifungal agents.

You can try applying these directly on the skin where you infection is. Please note: make sure you start with a very small test amount and gradually build up the amount you use. This is important because the infection area may be extra sensitve.

A small list of natural antifungal agents are:

  • garlic paste,
  •  dilute tea tree oil in extra-virgin coconut oil directly on the skin
  • Grapeseed extract and tannins from tea and condiments fight chronic infections excellently.

Women with vaginal yeast infection may find relief in a few drops of tea tree oil diluted with extra virgin coconut oil or a dollop of yoghurt.

Application should be done at least twice a day. By inserting a tampon with either oil or yoghurt into the vagina. This remedy must be continued for three days after the symptoms disappear.

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Candida Yeast Fungi Infection Remedy #6

Natural Licorice for Endocrine Yeast Infections.

Natural licorice helps sufferers of endocrine yeast infection. It does this by stimulating hormones without causing side effects. This sweet can also counteract the estrogen loss endured by women with vaginal yeast infection through the release of estrogen-like friendly steroids.

Candida Yeast Fungi Infection Remedy #7

Electrolytes for Yeast Infections.

Another great remedy is taking in electrolyte-heavy drinks. To make your own, squeeze in half a lemon (full of essential minerals) in a glass of filtered water, then add 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt (with 84 minerals). Drink it six times during the day, with three of those six times during meals.

Candida Yeast Fungi Infection Remedy #8

Detox for Yeast Infections.

Cleansing your colon naturally washes out the toxins made by Candida albicans. And it also makes the digestive system receptive to friendly bacteria.

Cleansing or detox recipes may vary, but they usually involve a mixture of:

  • garlic or garlic extract,
  • cayenne peppers,
  • apple cider or apple cider vinegar,
  • and the spicy oregano oil.

A quick search for “detox recipe” should give you a truck-load different recipes to chose from. Pick one you like and follow the directions. You may need to schedule the day off so you can be close to a toilet.

There is also this one using a special blend of herbs and a tea from West Africa. All the ingredients are available in most supermarkets. It is not only is a powerful detox recipe that has very little interruption on your life as you are doing it.

But there is also many reports that it is helping people lose weight fast. In some cases people have lost up to 1 pound of fat every 72 hours using it. You can find out more about it here. 

So there you have it, eight remedies for yeast infection.

Take note that these are not the only ones available. But these are the ones that have a good track record of providing relief fast. A

However as always do your own research. Because you may fifind something that works better for you.

Good luck!

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