Detoxing vs. Dieting: Which Is Best If You Are Looking To Become A Fat-Burning Furnace?

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“Detoxing involves changing your eating habits to reduce your intake of foods that contain toxins or toxic substances. Dieting on the other hand, is great for obtaining short-term results. You can lose a few pounds quickly, which can enhance your appearance..” — Slim

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Today’s article compares detoxing to dieting as a solution for long term, healthy weight loss. Spend 5 mins searching online and you’ll easily find a boatload of information about detoxing and dieting.

And while significant percentage of the global population seeks to lose weight. Not many of them are aware there are safe and healthy ways of doing so.

There is a common misconception promoted in much of the information available. That dieting can lead to sustainable long-term weight loss.

When the truth is ‘Fad’ diets in particular deliver will always short-term results. This is because once you stop following the tips and tricks of the diet. There is a strong chance you will regain the weight you have lost and will be back at square one.

Surely, you don’t want that?

After all one of the main reasons people want to lose weight is to preserve their health.

Something else to consider about dieting is. What happens to your body when you follow a diet plan that has restrictions on the food that you can eat? Unfortunately you run the risk of depriving your body of essential of nutrition it needs.

And this can impact you in several major ways:

  • Make you appear older than you are,
  • Make you physically weak and this can have a knock-on effect making your mind/thoughts weak,
  • It can deprive your immune system of the nutrients is needs to maintain your health and open the door to all kinds of disease

While diets that deprive your body have served as the only answer to achieving weight loss for decades. Maybe it’s time we look a bit deeper than just wanting to lose the extra pounds. And start using weight loss programs that not only get us looking hot but also promote long term health and vitality.

Maybe we can achieve this with a more grounded approach, one that includes regular detoxing.

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Detoxing and Dieting: The Difference

Detoxification is the process of expelling toxins from your body.

Because your body is constantly exposed to toxins, through:

  • The food we eat,
  • Air we breathe and
  • What we drink 

Continual detox is important, is important these days just from a health stand point alone.

There are many different types of detoxes.

Some are so powerful in their cleansing effects that you need to withdraw from day to day life while you are doing them. Others are as simple as drinking a cup of tea, while you go about your day.

Now, when you’re dieting, you usually:

  • Cut out certain foods from your daily diet according to the guidelines of the diet plan you are following,
  • Restrict the number of calories you consume on a daily basis

Detoxing, on the other hand, involves changing your eating habits to reduce your intake of foods that contain toxins or toxic substances. But still making sure you are giving the nutrition it needs.

Why Detoxing Is Better

There are several reasons why detoxing is better than dieting:

Detoxing Is Sustainable

Let’s say your diet plan requires you to stop eating ice cream, or pizza. While you may be able to stay away from your favourite foods for a few months, you can’t sustain it in the long run.

Your level of satisfaction decreases when you deprive yourself of certain food items, especially the ones you like. And for most of us there will come a time when you buckle under the pressure and give in to temptation.

The entire concept of ‘cheat days’ is based on this lack of satisfaction.

Detoxing is far more sustainable than dieting.

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Detoxing Boosts Your Energy Levels And Improves Your Immunity

Dieting is great for obtaining short-term results.

You can pretty much lose a few pounds quickly with most of the diets out there. However, a restrictive diet plan will eventually lead to a lack of energy.

The problem is, calories are our main source of energy. If you are eating less and working out more to lose weight. Your battery will eventually run out.

This happens in most cases, where dieters struggle with lack of energy and a constant feeling of fatigue. When you are weak like this you become more suseptable to getting sick.

Detoxification, on the other hand, reduces the toxin build-up in your system. And this  naturally boosts your energy levels and also improves your immunity.

Detoxing Makes You Look Better

You might be able to cut out belly fat with vigorous dieting and exercise. But your skin may end up not looking so great. Even though they manage to lose weight. Many people who go on crash diets end up with wrinkles and lines on their skin.

Surely, this trade-off is not worth your while!

The main reason people want to lose weight is because they want to look and feel their best. This is certainly not the outcome when you opt for a crash diet. Often your skin bears the brunt of your weight loss efforts.

Detoxification can give you the weight loss results you are seeking, without any adverse impact on your appearance.

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Detoxing Can Reduce Your Cravings And Curb Your Appetite

Did you know your body produces energy by burning the calories you consumed in your last meal?

Usually, an average meal will give your body enough fuel for up to six hours.

This state is referred to as ‘fed’.

As opposed to ‘fasted’.

This where you aren’t consuming any calories and your body is burning the calories already stored in your system.

However, a problem arises when you consumes a meal within six hours of your previous meal. Your body isn’t able to enter the ‘fasted’ state as a result.

You have to give your body enough time to digest the previous meal (at least six hours). Because if you don’t your calorie store is replenished with the new meal you are eating.

And the excess calories from the previous meal are stored as fat. In other words, your body won’t burn fat unless you allow your it to enter the ‘fasted’ state.

But, why do you feel the need to eat so quickly after your previous meal?

This is one of those questions for which there is no exact answer. Some people succumb to cravings, while others simply feel an appetite building and want to satisfy it before it intensifies.

This is where the Red Tea comes in. Drinking this recipe will help reduce your cravings and curb your appetite.

As a result, you will eat fewer calories than your body can burn.

So there will be:

  • No calorie overload and,
  • No calories will be stored in the fat cells.

And the excess calories within your system will fuel your body till you have your next meal.

To put it simply, your body will become a fat-burning furnace when it enters the ‘fasted state’.  And this process will resume after you re-enter the ‘fed’ state after your next meal.

This is, by far, the simplest and most effective way to burn fat and to lose weight. The good news is now you can get rid of the stubborn fat clinging to your abdomen in a safe and healthy manner.

The bottom-line is that detoxing is a superior option to dieting.

  • You can achieve long-lasting weight loss,
  • You can rest assured there will be no risks to your health and safety and
  • You’ll look great in record time.

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