How Rachel Accidentally “Scorched” 20 lbs in Just 4 Short Weeks by Naturally Accelerating Her Metabolism..

“People always seem to want to debate about what the ‘right’ way to eat is, but the truth is, there is no one right way to eat.”Rachel L

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In this post you will see, losing weight doesn’t always have to be hard work.

In Rachel’s case it was actually quite the oposite in an article she recently shared on “Greatist

In her story you will discover how after self diagnosing herself with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and wanting to prevent any further decline in health.

She began to work closly with her naturopath and this caused her to accidentlly lose 20lbs in one month after her metabolism naturally sped up and her body started burning up her excess weight..

Rachel via Greatist…

I exercised and practiced yoga regularly, but I worked out because of how being active made me feel, not how it made me look.

However, I had initially scheduled this naturopathic appointment because I’d been experiencing big, regular pockets of time when I wasn’t feeling good—and that had been going on for about a year.

In these moments, it felt like my energy was completely out of whack.

My heart would race, my energy would drop significantly, I wouldn’t be able to make decisions, and I’d panic for no reason. In these moments, I could become teary and emotional over next to nothing.

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I soon discovered that if I ate food, I’d immediately feel better, and the wave of panic would subside.

However, this immediate relief was also often accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness and the need to sleep—no matter where I was or what I was doing. I’m no doctor, but this sounded a lot like hypoglycemia to me.

Through my work with my naturopath.

I discovered that hypoglycemia was indeed the correct diagnosis. Over the next few months, he worked with me to examine and refine my diet.

Eventually, we discovered that every time I ate refined sugar or carbohydrates, my energy would bottom out—it appeared that I was overproducing insulin and had an extreme sugar sensitivity.

In addition to removing any type of pasta, bread, or sugar from my diet,

I also stopped drinking alcohol, caffeine, and any other stimulant or depressant that could impact my blood sugar.

Every meal consisted of meat or fish protein, a cooked green vegetable, and healthy fats, and I also ate snacks like almonds, cashews, and nut butters between meals.

Basically, I wound up on the Paleo diet.

The strange part was that while I wasn’t trying to lose weight at all, I ended up losing 20 pounds that first month.

And believe you me, I was eating constantly—and eating a lot.

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The thing I like about Rachel’s story is, her focus was not so much about losing weight.

In fact she actually sought out her naturopath in the first place because she:

  • Suspected she was hypoglycemic and
  • She wanted to bring her energy levels back into balance and feel good again.

And as a side effect of working towards correcting these issues. She changed up her diet and stated giving her body the food it wanted and needed.

Once her body was getting the nutrition and the calories it could use. Not only did blood sugar levels and emotions come back into balance. But she also lost a considerable amount of weight in a very short time.

My thoughts on rapid weight loss is that it can be dangerous. Because quite often it happens when we are “chasing” the “ideal” size/weight given to us through advertising.

The problem with this is when this “outside goal” becomes more important than things like nutrition, rest and removing stress.

One thing for sure is, our bodies are incredibly intelligent. And if we take the time to learn how to “tune in” to what they are saying to us.

The sky REALLY is the limit.

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