55 Second Time-Lapse Video Shows How Hunter went from Chunky to Chiseled and Shed 42 Lbs in an Amazing 12 Week Body Transformation..

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“After about three weeks when I started seeing some real changes and my body adjusted to my diet and workouts I felt better each week,” he added. “It was still a struggle and had to push myself harder each week, but seeing progress kept me going” — Hunter Hobbs

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Today’s post is a spotlight on the 3 month weightloss and body shapping transformation of Hunter Hobbs from Oklahoma.

fat burning hormoneDuring his “experiment” Hunter took a photo of himself everyday to record his progress. At the end of the three months he made a time-lapse video of the changes he went through over that time.

He began in January and weighed in at 202 lbs by the time April had come around he was down to 160 lbs and rockin a “sturdy” 6-pack.

In an inteview with the Daily Mail Hunter said his wanted to see what would happen if he decided to “get serious” for 12 weeks. With a “No Excuses” diet and workout. To do this he said he had to change his whole routine.

This meant being consistant with his workouts at the gym, 15-20 mins of cardio everyday. And preparing his own food for lunch at work everyday.

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Watch Hunter’s video and then scoll down below it to find out what foods he ate during the three months.

Did you notice the calender on the left hand side?

I’m sure after watching Hunter’s video you will agree his transformation was amazing. Talking later on in the interview he admits that it all started out as an experiment because he was curious. But it was probably the toughest thing he has ever done in his life.

Hunter’s Workout Routine for the Three Months..

Hunter hit the gym 5-6 days a week and started out lifing heavier weights with a low number of reps. As he got closer to the end of the three months he swicthed to lighter weights and increased his reps. He also included 20 – 30 mins cardio either in the mornings or after he lifted weights.

As he got stronger he increased the intensity of his cardio workouts and focused on doing extra work on his abs two or three times a week, usually at home.

Hunter’s Diet for the Three Months..

He found his diet was the hardest part. He increased the amount of water he drank up to at least 1 gallon a day. Cut out drinks that have sugar in them (like soda) and only drunk alcohol on specicial occasions.

During this time he rearly ate “out” and focused on clean eating. Mostly he ate: chicken, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, salads, almonds, whey protein shakes. Even when his friends ate pizza in front of him.

Looking ahead he is planning to still eat “clean” and workout 5 – 6 days a week, but will also go out and enjoy a meal of some drinks with friends.

And, that’s the story behind Hunter’s transformation.

Sometimes it takes a bit of “gettin’ REAL and gettin’ SERIOUS”  with yourself to change the direction you are heading in. Problem is, not all of us have the time avaiable to commit like he did. So I guess that just means the results might take a little longer.


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