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AWAYS! Consult your doctor BEFORE acting on any of the information avaiable on this site.


The longer version of this Medical Disclaimer is:

As stated on all of my articles.

I am NOT a doctor.

I am NOT medically trained in any way, at all.

In fact.

Heck I didn’t even finish high-school, (my choice)

The information published on this site, is purely my opinion based on my online research and is deffinetly NOT meant to be taken as medical advice. While I do my best to validate it before publishing.

I CANNOT guarantee any of it to be factual and/or useful for medical diagnosis and/or medical treatment.. And by treating it as such you agree, I carry zero liability for any damages/harm you may cause yourself or anyone else as a result of being foolish enough to use this information this in this manner.

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So DON’T be a turkey and DON’T use any of the information found on this site to diagnose and/or treat yourself and/or others…

ALWAYS! Always do your due dilligence and conduct deeper research.

Once you have done your reseach, seek a doctors opinion and see what the doctor has to say about what is going on with you.

Then with your doctor’s guidance, make a decision as to what is your next step.

Ultimately your health is your responsibility.

The deeper you understand this simple statement the more healthy you will become.

I wish you all the very best on your search.

I am available to answer any questions you may have on this piece of content or any other piece on this site by emailing: michaelatshowupslimdotcom

Michael Harris
June 2018