The Greatest Obstacle Stopping You from Achieving the Weightloss Results, You Work So Hard for..

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At the risk of being flat-out, politically UN-correct and upsetting you. I’m gonna make no apologies and just come right out and say it.

The greatest obstacle stopping you achieving the weightloss results you desire is — YOU


Hold on a moment because there’s more to it.

You see, it’s NOT entirely all your fault.

By now, you might be wondering “what the fudge are you saying?”

Your telling me “My greatest weightloss obstacle is ME, but it’s not my fault. That just doesn’t make sense!”

Well I get that.

And, if you just stick around for a moment and hear me out. Maybe we can clear the air and get you in the fast-lane of real, easy and long-term healthy weightloss.

Now-a-days, when it comes to losing weight.

It seems like everyday of the week there’s a new diet, a new workout, and/or a new supplement. BURSTING! on to the market, promising you “everything and the kitchen sink” when it comes to the weightloss results “you’re gonna get” from it.

It’s really no surprise..

Headline Image of a Product on Sale to Internet Marketers

Because if you take a look at the purple headline image above. Taken from a web page advertising a weightloss business-in-a-box to wannabe online marketers showing them how to make a fortune.

Basically there’s an absolute truck-load of cash “up for grabs” every year in this industry.

In fact there is so much cash, people are making good money selling weightloss marketing products to marketers so they can use these products to “cash in” on the global weightloss industry.

Anywhere there is a pile of cash that BIG!

Guaranteed, there’s gonna be a bunch of greedy little *uckers, buzzing around like “flies all over you-know-what” trying to grab as much of it as they can.

The problem with this situations is:

  • Weightloss, 
  • Health,
  • Self Image,
  • What we think, society or other people thinks of us.

Are all a combination of ideas, thoughts, feeling and emotions that we have and carry inside ourselves at very deep levels.

And smart marketers or advertising psychologists know exactly how to link these “deep instincts” up to their products.

When they do this, it can cause us to buy something because of how their advertising made us feel. Rather than buy because we rationally sat down and did some research and thought about the product first.

Basically they sell us the fantasy/illusion that we can “have-it-all” just like the model/paid actor in the ad has,  if we purchase the product..

Now, if you’re like most of us you’re probably thinking “Yeah, I can see everyone else is doing it, BUT I’m not like that. Those ads don’t work on me.”.

Well that’s ok.


Just let me ask you this, do you own a:

  • Smart phone,
  • TV,
  • Fidge,
  • Facebook account.

All these and pretty much everything else you have, you got directly (or indirectly) because of marketing and advertising.

Ok, so right now you’re probably thinking. “But I need all of those things.”

Actually, NO you don’t. 

Because humans have only had them for maximum of 100 years, yet we have existed for thousands of years before that without any of them.

You see, we’ve been “sold” on the idea that we need all of those things to survive. And when products are marketed to you this way. There is NOT a lot of room in our mind for calm, rational thinking.

Rather we respond with natural, instictive reactions to the threat we feel (with the action we have been taught.) And pull out the credit card and purchase that sucka right between the eyes.

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It Wouldn’t be So Bad if ALL they took was JUST Your Money..

Ok, so now we have “bird’s eye view” of the game. Let’s take a look at a “possible” example of how it can effect an innocent consumer.

Along comes Jen, full of motivation and inspiration. Wants to make some changes to the way she looks and feels about herself and improve her health.

After seeing a fancy marketing campaign, she buys a weightloss product. (remember it’s not really designed deliver what it actually promises, because if it did. It would eventually ruin the whole industry.

She gets “stuck into it” with the product, and gets some results but they don’t last.

She feels like she’s a bit of a failure/loser. Because she doesn’t quite look like the models in the ad.

As a little girl growing up, school taught her “people who get things wrong are bad” On a deep level, below her everyday thoughts, she feels threatened.

She sees the next ad and feels THIS one can help her out of trouble. Unfortunately it’s another crappy product that will never get her “those overnight results”

This time the feeling of failure/loser grows a little.

Each time she repeats this “cycle” she gives more and more of her power away to these people who only care about how big their profits are.

The Change Must Begin with YOU..

O.k, so maybe that sounds a bit extreme.

But, I think you get the point I’m making.

However, the important to remeber is, when you look back over your life. You will see any REAL results you have achieved all happened over time.

There wasn’t any “overnight miracle BS”

You achieved your results by commiting to the outcome you wanted and doing what needed to be done for as long as it took.

So, to become the you, you want to be.

The first thing you need to do is:

Become aware of the difference between B.S that is promising you a “tiny, little butt that is so tight it squeaks when you walk”

And REAL, healthy weightloss solutions that not only get you shedding your excess weight. But at the same time is also giving your body the nutrition and nourishment it needs to build internal strength and long term health.

The next thing is:

Stop trying to be a number.

Stop trying to be a certain dress size or weigh a certain amount. Your body is unique, your mind is unique, your life experiences are unique. Stop comparing yourself to others and using anything outside of yourself to measure yourself.

If it Ain’t Fun and You Can’t Still be Doing it When You’re 65.
Then, really what Good is it to You?

Sure, you might get to look “smokin hot” while you are in your prime. But, what about later on in your life.

The World Health Organization in 2016 said the average length of life expectancy on the planet was 72.5 years.There is NO point looking HOT when you’re 20 only to be followed by 50 years of pain and ill health.

In Closing..

Make your workouts and your diet about giving your body the nutrition and nourishment it needs for long-term health.

Make the climb to your goals less steep by including room to “have fun” in them. But make your commitment to achieve them “stronger.”

When you do this you are saying to yourself “you are worth it” You are giving yourself and your life value.

I could go on but if you have managed to read this far, I think you are getting the picture.

This life you have is precious, and it’s your’s to make of it.

What you will.

Keep it real, see the BS and fear being projected at you everyday, stand tall and walk through it.

Because FEAR is just an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.


Hope you got something out of this and thank you for stopping by today…

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